Frequently Asked

  • What is the lead time for customized lens in MLoptic ?

    normal lead time for customized lenses is 7-8 weeks. If customer can pay the urgent fee, the urgent lens can be delivered within 3 weeks.

  • What kind of material can be machined in MLoptic ?

    Optic – optic glasses( included brand: CDGM, SCHOTT, OHARA, CORNING) Metal- Aluminum alloy, copper alloy, Stainless steel, titanium alloy.
  • Can be offered optic design-optimized service in MLoptic ?

    Yes. MLoptic can offer optic design service. If customer can offer ZEMAX files, MLoptic can provide design-optimized from process tech.
  • What is the diameter of customized sphere lens in MLoptic?

  • Are the material used by MLoptic in accordance with RoHS standard?

  • What is the accuracy of mechanical in MLoptic?