2018 MLOptic parent-child activitie

The annual MLOptic paternity campaign is going on enthusiastically, different characters gathering in MLOptic, Experience a day when mom and dad work, and accept different environments besides family and school.

When the sun rises, the children get up and dress up, With father and mather coming to MLOptic, Big hand and small hand pass the balloon arch, sign the picture and put the name tag on it.

The signature of each little baby has its own form and own personality, opening a different day.



The little babies came to the activity room, Intellectually beautiful host Emma tells the babies the story of MLOptic. Babies listen carefully and join in.

The babies are very cute and smart. They visit the workshop carefully. They see their aunt and uncle are working hard. They listen to Emma's speech carefully. The little ones find their parents' desks and talk with their hosts about what their parents do.



Babies end up visiting and start their parent-child days. Babies pull circles to get to know each other, carry balloons with their moms and dads, take their little toys with them, volunteer at the flea market, and complete DIY together

Bazaar Marketflea market



The special significance of the day is over, the little babies are happy, know many partners, more understand that their parents are as serious as they go to school, The world of mom and dad needs to be united and hard working