Life Science & Medical


MLoptic is an expertise to provide optical system for a large variety of medical & life science application: x-ray imaging system, Dental imaging, ophthalmic instruments and the solution for PCR, DNA Sequencing, flow cytometry and more.

1. Fluoresence Imaging system


MLoptic with first-class BioCompany co-developped the fluorescence imaging system  used in life science application. MLOptic can provide:

  • To develop high quality optical system to capture excitation light based on customer’s requirement

  • To choose excitation spectrum and fluorescence spectrum based on character of fluorescent reagent

  • To choose powerful light source and develop illumination optics based on excitation spectrum

  • To determine distribution of fluorescence spectrum for better SNR

  • Minimized stray light and background noise reduction

  • High repeatability nanoscale scanning platform

  • APO microobjective

2.Micro Objective


It’s a high NA apochromatic objective lens using optimum image quality for the dark field. The objective lens is a combination of unique experience and technology, contains a high transmittance and low fluorescence glass material, high broadband antireflection coating and special optical design, precision machine design and precision assembly technology. combine the optical design and processing technology of its own, with powerful measurement platform, improve a special, low cost high performance objective. Lens were used in the special class fluorite optical materials, can effectively eliminate the polychromatic light between the aberration, and have good processability and chemical resistance. In the deposition environment, relying on our own ability to make coating, will achieve 99.5% high pervious to light, at the same time, using our unique precision optical centering assembling technology, effectively guarantee the performance of the finished product.

3.PCR Module 


Optical module solution for Real-time PCR system, it can achieve fluorescence excitation of different wavelengths through the transformation of the filters with flexible motion control and SMD LED array.  

  • SMD LED array with different wavelength (470nm, 575nm +/-15nm and so on),minimum power on fluorescence unit is 2uW (575nm) and could be customized;

  • Optical system with different magnification for different LED array, fluorescence unit and camera;

  • Fluorescence filters for different channels (FAM,HEX,CY3,CY5 ……);

  • Switching mechanism for filters with low cost;

  • Directly monitoring LED intensity;

  • Integrated PCB and monochrome CCD camera (CCD or CMOS)

4. X-ray imaging

微信图片_20200228171828.pngMloptic has many years in design and manufacturing of X-ray imaging optical system. Our products include standard application of lens series (C arm, DR digital) and custom lens. We also can integrate all optical module system diagnostic radiology medical instrument including fluorescent receiving device, large aperture relay lens and integration of the CCD device, focusing function (optional), automatic aperture (optional), light intensity detection and automatic adjustment device (optional), which provides high quality images and large dynamic range for imaging surgery, or lithotripsy operation.