Industrial Manufacturing & Semiconductor

Either with customers supplied designs or with using our own internal design team, MLoptic offers complex integrated optical solutions of the highest quality based on our many years of experience and expertise in Industrial market of optics based products.

MLOptic serves as a strategic partner for Leica Geosystem.


1.jpgAt MLOptic, our team of engineers can provide the design and manufacturing of your product concept. From simple sub-assemblies to complex opto-mechanical and electro-optical assemblies from optical systems with dynamic focus capabilitiesfor inspecting semiconducto-r structures with precision and reliability.
  • Lithography illumination

  • Lithography imaging

  • Inspection

  • Packing & Testing

2.Machine Vision


In the areas of machine vision, we deliver individual modules or complete systems that are precisely tailored to your needs.



MLOptic serves as a strategic partner for Leica Geosystem.



MLOptic can help you to reduce the BOM costs from design stage and provide you the recommendations how to save the costs in terms of the material selection and specification definition. MLOptic has very rich experience in lens system design, opto-mechanical design, opto-electronic design, PCB design, image processing and algorithm capability. As a fully integrated optical solution provider, MLOptic can collaborate with your team on current or next generation products.  Let us help lower the BOM, reduce time-to-market and improve performance.